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The mirror that does not work with you

What if you come across a mirror that does not work with you? This candid camera in a ladies toilet is amazing: twins are wonderfully performing this mirror joke leaving ladies in the bathroom astonished

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Booby trap with diet coke and mentos

If you love booby traps, you might want to what this video. A girl booby trap a diet coke bottle and records her friend to fall…

Forget about the faulty booby trap you can see in the movies, this one works for real and it’s very quick and easy to prepare.

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Water bed candid camera

This is already a classic: have ever tried a water bed??? Try this!

People tries a fake water bed and… ehm ehm.. there IS water… but it’s not a real bed 😀

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Basic life support candid camera

In this german candid camera, during a course for basic life support, something unexpected happens… have a look!

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