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Stoned fireman

A fireman is stoned after a house fire in a place where a secret laboratory for production of marijuana was setup

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World’s coolest flight attendant

Regular flyers soon find the take off procedures quite boring. This flight attendant has found a way of cheering up people while preparing to take off. Isn’t it cool???

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What an hand can do

No limits to what an hand can do. This video is the ultimate proof that an hand with an iron will is able to do everything.

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Collection of drawings for cheeky people

Sometimes your cheeky nature can make you see something different from what you should. Here is a funny collection of drawings for cheeky people.

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Christmas Give-Away, Mr. Chi-City Style

Mr. Chi-City Give away video. This guy goes around his town to give away Christmas cards with money inside. He chooses homeless, street walker and so on… He cheers up people during Christmas day…

His voice really could cheer up anyone.

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