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The Ultimate fails compilation

Have you ever had enough of fails??? Me neither! Plenty of fails in this amazing compilation

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Ping pong player takes winning too seriously

Mmm, maybe a bit excessive celebration? Naaaa, definitely not cool to celebrate this way, even if it’s so funny… this scene could be part of of a Ben Stiller movie 😀

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How to loose a race when you are the first

And the winner is… NOOOO… what a looser… this guy thinks he has already won the race but he fall from the bicycle and become second… again, LOOSER

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How to use a tapis roulant

First time on the tapis roulant and definitely not wearing the right clothes… this guy is hilarious… I’m wondering what he says…

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Driscoll Middle School Football Trick


Unusual but great technique to score when playing football. Driscoll Middle School team scores in the easiest way in the world: their quarterback takes the ball and starts walking really slowly towards the other side of the playground. The opponents probably think that there is something wrong so no one stop the quarterback who suddenly starts running and finally scores…

For sure a story to tell to grandchildren…

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