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Epic Halloween suicide mannequin prank


Two guys prepare a mannequin with a balloon full of fake blood. They wait for someone to come closer to their window and then throw it outside. It looks like some one just committed suicide…

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Ellen Degeneres’ staff member is sent to an haunted house

Amy, a member of Ellen Degeneres staff, is sent to visit an haunted house. She is terrified and screams every seconds… Zombies and mummies are scaring her coming out of walls…

definitely on of the funniest Halloween video ever

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Pranks collection 1: T-rex, toilet monster, banana shock, Halloween scarecrow

– a little boy get scared by a t-rex in a museum
– a little boy get scared by a monster coming out of the toilet when he goes to pee
– a guy thinks his friend is getting electric shock while fixing a light switch
– a guy gets punched in the face while trying an Halloween prank

An old but always funny collection of pranks

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