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Another joyful marriage

Another joyful marriage: this time the groom makes a mistake while pronouncing the famous words and  the bride can’t stop laughing.

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A joyful marriage

The Bride and Groom can’t stop laughing during their own wedding: the best man looses his trousers provoking an everlasting laughter.

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Fail-a-thon: Try not to laugh

Wonderful series of fails. This is what we call Fail-a-thon. These guys deserve a price for their “stunts”.

Try not to laugh…

spiderman stunt,  fake wrestling, cat rescue, motorbike stunt, punch in the face, karate stunt, animals, swimming pool

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Canadian Idol contestant farts on TV show Canadian Idol

This lady contestant farts on TV show Canadian Idol.

She apparently tries to focus when something goes wrong: after this judges can only admit her.

She then says “I’ve totally just farted”

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Can’t stop laughing 1: burp on TV, bloopers, the price is right, python TV news

– TV presenter burps live and can’t stop laughing

– Actors can’t do any more their job when they start laughing

– The price is right contestant is so happy she is shaking and laughing

– TV news: anchor woman can’t stop laughing

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