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Captain Morgan Commercial – Guy at the bar pretending to be sick

Captain Morgan is a good reason to pretend to be sick and go to the bar instead. But what happen if your girlfriend calls you to check how you feel and hears bar noises? Brilliant solution to the problem in this video… great commercial

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The Matrix Ping Pong

Ping pong match amazingly staged with matrix effects for a TV show. These guys are fantastic! They’ve also made other videos and launched a new trend

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Canadian Idol contestant farts on TV show Canadian Idol

This lady contestant farts on TV show Canadian Idol.

She apparently tries to focus when something goes wrong: after this judges can only admit her.

She then says “I’ve totally just farted”

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Can’t stop laughing 1: burp on TV, bloopers, the price is right, python TV news

– TV presenter burps live and can’t stop laughing

– Actors can’t do any more their job when they start laughing

– The price is right contestant is so happy she is shaking and laughing

– TV news: anchor woman can’t stop laughing

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Tv presenter can’t stop laughing

During a talk show the tv presenter starts laughing and just can’t stop: two of his guests had their vocal cords damaged and their voices sound too funny for him to stop.

The guy was obviously fired after this…

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